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by Raymond E. Damm on Hard Money Rater
Definitely Recommended Lender

Private mortgage lenders work differently from bank mortgage lenders. A personal mortgage is basically an agreement between a borrower and a business or another individual unrelated to any bank.

by Victoria R. Hoffman on Hard Money Rater
Great Experience working with ACGG Lending

To be considered for the mortgage, one must have proof of income, a good job history and have a set minimum credit score

by Melody D. Bockman on Hard Money Rater
Great Working with ACCG Lending

The terms and conditions for bank mortgage loans are specific. They define the down payment amount, the interest rate applicable and the length of time the loan will take.

by Dorothy E. Davis on Hard Money Rater
Excellent Hard Money Lender

With bank mortgage, it has been there traditionally and is the preference for most people. It can be an adjustable rate mortgage, a fixed rate mortgage and even a jumbo loan.

by Gladys D. Nelson on Hard Money Rater
Not so Good Hard Money Lender

Choosing the right form of financing for your home is necessary. You need insight to be able to make the right decision. This article explores the two methods and will help you decide the best option.

by Ruth T. Pace on Hard Money Rater
Great Working with ACCG Lending

If you are buying a home, you can choose between private mortgage lenders and banks. Choosing between a private mortgage lender and a bank can be a challenge.